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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Woodzee: Naturally Stylish Sunglasses

Woodzee is a California-based company that’s worth taking a look at – whether through the lenses of their fashionable, natural wood glasses, if you’re a fan of environmentally friendly products or if you like (booze?).
Trinity Recycled Oak Whiskey Barrel Sunglasses
Made with 100% natural wood, Woodzee has a mandate that surpasses style. For each pair of glasses sold, the good folks at Woodzee plant a tree. They’re packaging is made from 50% recycled paper, and printed with Soy Ink. They’ll even recycle your old frames for you if you’re looking to change up your style, and provide you with 40% off your next purchase.

More concerned with acquiring a Woodzee product than giving one away? They’ve got a select series of spectacular shades that are made from recycled wine and whiskey barrels. The two-toned oak frames are hand-wielded from whiskey barrels used by the Columbus Barrel Company in Ohio and Robert Mondavi Private Selection wine barrels. The dark stained exterior is nicely balanced with light inner accents. The distinctive grain pops from rich tone.

Trinity Recycled Oak Whiskey Barrel (L), Kodiak Bamboo Black Sunglasses – Smoke (R)
They have a range different coloured lenses and for around $70 to $150 for a truly unique pair of polarized sunglasses the value is as exceptional as the product. At checkout, you’ve also got the option to support one of several environmental organizations that plant trees, protect watersheds and save animals.

When you’re gearing up for late fall and early winter consider satiating your craving for cool in a new way with a fresh set from Woodzee.

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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Interview: Chef Rob Gentile on Ingredients, Italian Influences and Buca Yorkville

“The best ingredients” – Chef Rob Gentile uses the phrase repeatedly in our conversation, stressing their importance. The repetition is not redundant, there is no lack of meaning. The ingredients constitute his dharma; they are a representation of his childhood, his family, his education, his mentorship, his pride, his work, his restaurants and his life.

Ingredients take centre stage in the live Gaspé scallop w/ chamomile infused olive oil, sea asparagus, buffalo milk yoghurt and lump fish caviar.

Like his two previous award-winning restaurants – Buca King Street (described as "Nona" – the tank, the originator) and Bar Buca (the "spunky nephew") – Chef Gentile has an ingredient-focused approach to Buca Yorkville (formally titled Buca Osteria & Eoteca), whose maritime twist forms the basis for his somewhat simple, yet sophisticated new endeavor....

READ my interview with Chef Rob Gentile on View the Vibe. Take a look at some of the sensational menu items at the new Buca Yorkville below. Note: the menu constantly changes and there's no guarantee you'll be able to order what you see here. 

Also, worth noting for those that like to splurge – a special Chef's Tasting Menu is slowly being introduced at Buca Yorkville. It will feature 19-courses at $180 for food, plus $100 for wine pairings. 

Puntarelle Salad: roman chicory, crisp white smelt, pesto genovese, pine nut, quail yolk, gremolata
Bucatini alla Carbonara: bronze die-extruded duck egg pasta, herring bottarga, hen's egg
Spaghetti Pomodoro: bronze die-cut pasta di gargnano, seaside tomatoes, garlic, olive oil
Polipo e Vongole: braised octopus, B.C. clams, bone marrow, black kale, baby artichoke, fregola sarda
Peperonata: baked eggplant, sweet pepper, zucchini, parmiginao
Flourless chocolate cake, hazelnuts, compressed orange, squash ice cream