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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Gettin' My Grill On

One of the most beautiful things about the cultural mosaic that exists in Toronto is the ability to find a diverse array of ethnic cuisine.

Following my departure from Korea, the accessibility to the flavourful fare I'd grown so fond of left me with a sense of comfort. Though, despite the proximity and plentifulness of Korean eating parlors, it took a great deal of time to get back in front of the table-top grills I revere so.

Located on the Northern end of Toronto's Yonge Street Korea Town, I visited Charcoal and Salt with a friend of mine a few weeks ago.

Here's my blogTO review HERE!

즐겨 [enoy!]

Our banchan (side dish) spread

Pajeori (green onion salad)

Samgyepsol (sliced pork belly) and Anshim Gui (sliced beef tenderloin) 

Kimchi Jjigae (kimchi stew)