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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Equinosh at The Gladstone Hotel – A Confluence of Landscape and Culinary Art

Caught in the crosshairs of urbanity and assiduous lifestyles, Torontonians may easily neglect the impact of our surroundings. Whether natural or artificial, landscape shapes emotion and interaction. Landscape elicits meaning and compounds history.

Through initiatives such as the 100-km food movement and the effort of local chefs and culinarians to bring context to the food that’s on one’s plate, discourse has been meaningfully challenged into the minds of many urban eaters. Equinosh, a unique event that ran in tandem with the Gladstone Hotel’s Grow Op exhibition brought the discussion to an artistic and sensory frame for the first time this weekend.

“Equal to the other artworks presented in Grow Op 2014, Equinosh also pushed boundaries to connect farmland landscapes with Toronto's vibrant urban food scene,” Victoria Taylor, Landscape Architect and Grop Op Curator explains. “As we build a local food culture in our cities we need to acknowledge the regions where these wonderful ingredients are produced.”

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Equinosh Photos:

Locally grown edibles
Equinosh melds art installation with culinary inspiration
5-year cheddar from Black River Cheese Company and Bread from Stonemill Bakehouse

Foraged mushroom salad with wild edibles from Forbes Wild Foods
Great Lakes fish cake with wild leek tartar sauce
Jamie Kennedy ladles from his copper cauldron
Miriam Streiman of Mad Maple Country Inn presents her sweet tart rhubarb meringue

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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Cinco de Mayo Tequila Guide - What's 'Bueno' at the LCBO

Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day. It’s scarcely celebrated outside of North America. And though in the Puebla state it’s meant to commemorate The Battle of Puebla in 1862, the cultural symbolism in Canada is largely lost.

So, given that your gringo idea of Cinco de Mayo is assumedly centered around a bottle of tequila, pummeling a piƱata to death and a guacamole mixer, here’s the essential LCBO-inspired Cinco de Mayo tequila guide…

Tequila, Tequila!
Let’s start off with shit that’ll make you swirl. Further on down the list you’ll want to choose your hooch with more care, but stock up on this rail staple first and hide it in the cabinet for the after-fiesta!
$44.95 – $ 39.95, save $5.00 until May 24, 2014

The handcrafted blue bottle and leather label is enough to make this smooth reposado stand out on your shelf. It’s sippable character and notes of citrus and white pepper might not leave it up there for long.
$44.65 – 750 mL bottle comes with FREE Free Caballito Glass until May 24, 2014 

One of the more refined blanco (un-aged) tequilas at the LCBO, the dry citrusy flavour will have your tongue tingling with hints of black pepper.
$79.95 – 25 bonus Air Miles until May 24, 2014

Sourced from the central lowland region of Mexico this reposado is double distilled in stainless steel and aged for up to 11-months in white oak barrels. A little more complex, with a nutty finish, this limited supply is better stocked on your shelf than someone else’s.
$93.10  – Limited supply

Cask strength is generally a term reserved for scotch or bourbon, but this certified organic brew comes from hand selected agave from the highlands of Los Altos and packs a pervasive 50% punch.
$98.50 – Limited supply

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