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Monday, 24 March 2014

Toronto Food Truck Bylaws Too Tough to Swallow for Operators?

Change is on the horizon for the burgeoning food truck industry in Toronto. It remains to be seen whether the changes will suit food truck operators, however.

On March 18, the Municipal Licensing and Standards Committee approved a vote that would relax current restrictions on food tucks. Those in the City of Toronto (Wards 20, 27, 28) will see food trucks legally operating on the streets for the first time as early as Victoria Day weekend.

READ what could be in store for operators and eaters in Toronto. Full article at View the Vibe.

Photo Courtesy of Benson Kua on Flickr

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Myanmar (Burma) in 28 Days: 28 Things You Absolutely Must Do

Myanmar (Burma) is one of the most rapidly changing countries in the world. It’s one of the final frontiers for open tourism after military rule was relinquished (somewhat) in 2010 after nearly 50 years. Myanmar is a country of ethnic diversity and topographical wonder, historical significance and religious intrigue. It’s also a country of astounding dichotomy and great mystery.

Myanmar is a country that moves at a slow pace, both in sentiment and infrastructure. If you’re planning on visiting Myanmar – and you should do it sooner than later – you’ll have 28 days on your travel visa to take it all in.

Find my list of 28 things you must do in Myanmar at Société Perrier.


#4: Adventure-eat at 19th Street [READ MORE]

Fried Crickets - Crunchy, Salty, Fried. Perfect With a Pint of Myanmar Beer
#17: Temple Town, Bagan [READ MORE]

Loving the View Atop One of Bagan's 4,000+ Stupas
#20: Take a Trek from Kalaw [READ MORE]

My Guide, Paul from Golden Lily Guest House
Hmong Women Tilling Young Rice Crops
#22: Float at Inle Lake [READ MORE]

Fisherman With Traditional Canoe on Inle Lake
Discover all 28 must-do things: How to Experience Magical Myanmar in 28 Days

Full article originally published at Société Perrier

Thursday, 13 March 2014

The Essential St. Patrick's Day Survival Guide

It’s not looking like it will be very green in Toronto once St. Patrick’s Day 2014 rolls around. What will make up for the frosty ground will hopefully be an abundance of frosty pints and a smattering of green-spirited celebrators. While you and your cara’s (that’s Celtic for friends) cruise the streets of the city or stay put at a house party getting sloshed until the room spins, you might want to consider this St. Patty’s Day survival guide first – at the very least it might make for a merrier morning after.

This starts well before the first swig of Guinness. [Peeps my St. Patty's Day Beer Guide!!]

Green Things
No one wants to be the one person at the party without a piece of green. [Who You SHOULD Be]

Your Pals
If you’re planning on drinking alone on St. Patrick’s Day I feeling sorry for you. [How to Ge MORE Friends]

Plenty of Beer
Too many a fine man and woman have made the misguided mistake of waiting until the last minute to stock up on their supply of suds for the Day of the Irish. [How to PREP Like a True Pintsman]

A green t-shirt is all well and good, but when it comes to impressing the nenas and summoning over the homes it’s your shot glass necklace or super-sized novelty beer stein that’s going to catch their blurred attention.

Mapping Ability
Where’s the nearest fridge, faucet, toilet (acceptable place to alleviate whatever fluid ails you)? [How to PLAN for a Puke or a Pee?]

A Full Charge
As much as this is one of those days where you can blame your blackoutness on the inability for your friends/family/fiancé/fuck-buddy to get in touch with you it’s also wise to make sure you’ve got an outlet. [What Are the CONSEQUENCES?]

Stay safe, stay tipsy, and have a Happy St. Patty’s Day!

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